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Thank you for taking the time to visit a website that will change your opinion on Detroit Diesel Series 50 and 60 engines. There has been this misconception for years that you can't get decent horsepower out of an Electronic Detroit Diesel i.e. Series 60. Here at SS60PD we can sympathize, why…? Cause we've been there one time or another. Over the years SS60PD has been the forerunner in High Performance Series 60 Detroit's on and off of the track. With extensive knowledge in Motorsports we now know the right combination of parts to achieve any horsepower a customer might be looking for. After years of research and trial we now can share with the public how to make Big Horsepower out of your Series 60 and 50 engines, and be able to use it on a daily basis. So let’s get past all the chrome and custom paint. It’s time to get down to the basics on how to make these 20,000 lbs. machines run like no other.

We specialize in building Performance Detroit Diesel Series 50 & 60. Let our experience in building High Performance Detroit's put you at the top of the hill first, without compromising fuel mileage; upgraded camshafts, injectors, turbos, and ceramic coated manifolds. So make the first step, please contact us anytime. Let us know what your issues are and what you would like to see out of your Detroit Diesel Series 50 or 60. Here at SS60PD we're putting Detroit Diesel back on the map, "Making the World Greener one Truck at a Time." We look forward to servicing you.

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